Flexishaft Skylights

Meet your standard skylight choice that is heavy on benefits. Flexishaft skylights transform your home or business with rich natural light.

Shafts act as a channel for daylight to travel down into your space. Riverina Skylights gives you flexible or solid shaft options to choose from. Either way you will enjoy free lighting direct from the outdoors.

At Riverina Skylights we do more than simply design and manufacture your Flexishaft skylight. We provide installation too. Every Flexishaft skylight comes as a total kit complete with:

  • Rooftop dome and flashing
  • Ceiling frame
  • Prismatic diffuser for fitting insight the building
  • Shaft.

So why wait? You can pay less on your energy bills and enjoy a brighter more beautiful space in one smart move. Speak to Riverina Skylights about the possibilities of Flexishaft skylights.

Contact us on 1300 35 15 15 for natural lighting solutions for your home, business or industrial premises.


Sizes Available

600mm x 400mm
800mm x 400mm
800mm x 600mm
1200mm x 600mm
Larger sizes available upon request

Flexishaft / Standard Skylight Gallery