Custom Solutions

There’s no such thing as ‘cookie cutter’ solutions at Riverina Skylights. Every skylight project is treated as a blank canvas to ensure optimum outcomes. Our savvy experts take into account everything from your specific architecture to preferred lighting concentration. Rely on Riverina Skylights to craft a truly individualised solution to your skylight needs.

Skylights are all about letting the daylight in. Yet that does not mean all the elements creep in too. Every skylight we craft is 100% weatherproof. Match this with superior Australian-made structural integrity alongside smart sleek design, and you can expect the very best from your Riverina Skylights solution.

Custom solutions are all about having the flexibility to get what you need and what you want. At Riverina Skylights we pull out all the stops to ensure you get both. Our individually tailored skylights give you freedom to choose:

  • Glaze
  • Size
  • Colours
  • Operation mode.

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