Have questions about getting a skylight for your home or business? It could well be that we have the answer right here at your fingertips. At Riverina Skylights we welcome questions and enjoy helping our customers learn about skylights. So much so that we have put together a collection of the questions we are most commonly asked. Then we answer them for you so there is no need to go hunting for the information you want.

Q. How long will it take you to put in my skylight?

A. Standard skylight installation takes about two hours. That rule of thumb is not withstanding any complexities like tricky roofs, multiple skylights or electrical considerations. For the most accurate time estimation, your best bet is to discuss your specific skylight installation details with us directly.

Q. Will I experience any difference in my home’s heating after skylight installation?

A. Sound skylight design and installation should not tamper with your home heating levels. You shouldn’t notice much more or less heat post-installation.

Q. Should I be worried about the potential for a ‘leaky’ skylight?

A. Your skylight is purpose designed to let daylight in while keeping all other elements out. No soundly designed and installed skylight will leak.

Q. What about DIY skylight installation options?

A. Lots of handy home or business owners want to give skylight installation a go themselves. At Riverina Skylights we have several skylight kits complete with instructions. So if you are a keen DIY-er this could be a great option for you.

Q. I see both round and square skylights are available. What is the difference between the two?

A. Sometimes the choice in shape comes down to individual project requirements. Certain roof-scapes or building structures demand round skylights whereas in others only square skylights will work. As a rule of thumb though, you can achieve greater light streaming and even light distribution with a square skylight.

Q. Can you tell me how my skylight works?

A. Skylights are remarkably simple yet smart in their operation. A custom dome fitted to your roof captures natural daylight. Next a reflective shaft funnels the light down into your home or building. Finally this free natural light is disbursed evenly by a handy diffuser panel installed in your room.

Q. Does size matter when it comes to which skylight I should choose?

A. Skylight size does impact how much light is admitted to your space. Larger skylights let in larger amounts of daylight. But light capture is only one aspect of choosing your skylight. Different location considerations like room dimensions and ceiling height will also affect your options as to skylight size. Our experts will be happy to look at your particular skylight project and advise on size from there.

Q. Can I expect lower energy costs thanks to my skylight?

Yes, it stands to reason that your energy bills should be reduced post-skylight installation. You can rely on more free natural daylight for your lighting needs. So your electrical lights can stay switched off for longer, thus saving you money.

Q. Will adding a skylight boost my house value?

A. A more energy-efficient and bright attractive home is bound to be appealing. Skylight installation drives down your home’s energy consumption and environmental impact. Meanwhile your home space will be filled with natural light which is much easier on the eye than its electrical counterpart.